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Expanding the WATCH!

Is your theatre company interested in joining the WATCH program next year?

When the WATCH program was established, we examined several different adjudication and awards processes and tried to learn from all of them.  We had one very important goal in mind: make it flexible enough to accommodate growth.   To that end, we made the adjudication process as manageable as possible (a set number of judges from each theater will adjudicate up to 12 productions per year so that ten judges will see every show).  By adding new member companies and their shows to the adjudication matrix, we also add their judges to the adjudication pool, thereby maintaining the level of commitment for all judges. 

Companies considering petitioning for membership in the WATCH program are highly encouraged to review the bylaws posted on this site. All requirements for eligibility are clearly listed in the bylaws.

Applicant theatre companies are must petition before July 1 in order to participate in the following calendar year.  This deadline provides your company time to attend at least one WATCH board meeting (during the summer) and a "new group orientation session" prior to providing judges and paying dues at the fall board meeting. All member companies must be in good standing with dues paid and judges provided by November 1 in order for their season to be adjudicated the following year.  No companies or productions will be added to the adjudication matrix after November 1 for the calendar year following.

If your company is interested in becoming a member of WATCH, please fill out and submit the following form.  It will be reviewed by the WATCH Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting in which a representative from your company may be asked to attend.   A current WATCH board member will contact your company about "next steps" after your petition is received.


Theater Company Name:

Theater Company Mailing Address
Street Address: 
Suite/Box #: 
City:  State:   Zip Code:

Theater Company Performance Address (if different from mailing address)
Performance Facility Name: 
Street Address: 
Suite/Box #: 
City:  State:   Zip Code:

In which Washington, DC area county/municipality is the performance space?   
If "other" or a municipality (i.e. Alexandria), please specify:

(Note: Companies that perform outside of a county that touches the beltway will require a 2/3 majority vote by the entire WATCH board.)

Theater Company Phone Numbers:
Tickets/Box Office:      
Business/Administration (if different):
Fax (if available):

Theater Company Primary E-mail Address: 
Theater Company Website/Homepage: 

1. How many "main stage" productions does your company produce annually?  

2. Has the company been in existence and performed at least three "main stage" shows for two consecutive years?
                 Yes    No
    a. Of those "main stage" productions, are any considered childrens theatre?
                  Yes  No
    b. Of those "main stage" productions, are any considered dinner theatre? 
                 Yes  No
    c. Of those "main stage" productions, are any one-act compilations, radio plays, staged readings or musical reviews?   
                  Yes  No

(if your company answered "yes" to 2a, 2b or 2c , please review bylaws regarding eligibility and adjudication restrictions, we encourage all companies interested in joining WATCH to submit a petition.  Eligibility restrictions are under review by the board.)

3. Is your organization "all-volunteer" in nature?  Yes  No    
        If not, please specify paid positions: 

4. Is your company able to pay annual dues to join WATCH (2003-2005 dues were $100 per company)?   Yes   No

5. Is your company prepared to provide up to five judges (plus alternates) by November 1? Yes   No

(Note: All judges will be required to attend a training session in November or December.   The computer generated adjudication matrix may require them to drive to "any" WATCH theater company in the Washington, DC region)

Theater President Name: 
Theater President Phone: 
Theater President E-Mail: 

Proposed WATCH Representative Name:
WATCH Representative Phone:
WATCH Representative E-Mail:
Does this person hold a position on the theater board of directors?  Yes   No

How did you find out about this website? 
Submitters E-mail Address:

Comments or further information:

Please type the word 'YES' in this box before clicking submit:  


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